Entrepreneurialism The Job Description

Entrepreneurialism The Job Description

 The Job Description Entrepreneurialism

The person should be willing to take a simple idea and use it to come up with a viable business for both long-term fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

Qualified candidate must be capable of catching a vision and running with it without the oversight of a supervisor or an advisory board.

Specific training in this idea may be required, but it is not mandatory. However, this same candidate must be willing to adapt to a rugged on-the-job training program (manual not provided) and be flexible.

Extremely long hours are required in this job and a huge learning curve. Candidate should expect both late and early hours along with extended times when they must simply think through problem solving skills.

Initially this position does not require candidate to report to a division manager or CEO nor would the candidate fill a supervisory role.

Successful applicant should able to make decisions as needed without undo indecisiveness and be able to withstand a certain amount of solitude. Not being able to do so could prove detrimental to the future of this new company.

This position should be filled by a person willing to ride a bicycle blindfolded. While this is not an actual job requirement it is a necessary visual for the applicant to understand working conditions from time to time.

Other Requirements

Currently our business plan is insufficient to explain how candidate can successfully move from dream conception to business opening. But candidate will, nonetheless, be needed to move the business forward.

In this position benefits are not applicable in the traditional sense. Any benefits acquired from taking this job will be the sole responsibility of the successful applicant.

The job applicant is also responsible for start up capital. In fact all risk will be the sole responsibility of the candidate selected for this job.

If you feel you are the right candidate for this job please respond at your earliest convenience. Please send your CV to the Entrepreneurial Initiative.


Does this sound like the type of job you would apply for willingly? I guess not. Especially when the idea for job creation is someone else’s. We would not take a risk for another person’s business. Plus we would not put forth the effort needed for a business start up from the start onward without some personally vested interest in the outcome.

This description is, however, very close to what every entrepreneur faces when they have an idea that just wont leave them alone. An incredible amount of time is put into developing the idea. Every spare dollar is used in making the dream come true without guarantee or promise.

Why will we do for ourselves what we would never do for another? The reason might be because this is the heart and soul of entrepreneurialism. We may make fun of the classified ad above. However, this is exactly what is required of each entrepreneur on the way to dream fulfillment.

I hear there is an opening. Maybe YOU have the right stuff maybe you should apply for the job.

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