Job Acceptance Letter

Accept a Job Offer With a Job Acceptance Letter

Be Sure to Say Thanks, when the Job Search is Over with a Job Acceptance Letter

It shows true professionalism when you use a job acceptance letter when offered a position. It is a way of saying thank you to the person who hired you, and assuring them that they made the right decision. You have presented yourself to them as a professional with your curriculum vitae, cover letter, salary history, reference sheet, follow up note, letters of recommendation and any other private marketing materials you have used while job searching.You worked hard to make sure that the interview went well, and probably before going in for that first interview you did your homework on the company. Now using a job acceptance letter will be the ultimate work of all your work, and it will polish up the positive professional image you’ve tried to convey throughout the hiring process and job search.

Job Acceptance Letter what it should contain and how it should look.

Of course, you may have questions as to how it should look and what it should contain if you’ve never written one before  Here are the basics: it should be on the same paper your curriculum vitae and cover letter were on, preferably one of the new sandstone papers or parchment paper. It should have a letterhead that is the same as the other private marketing materials you have used. It should be personally addressed to the hiring manager who hired you. The job acceptance letter should also be put in either a large white envelope or a matching business sized envelope to prevent folding, and should be personally addressed. If your own handwriting is not that good, have a friend with a good handwriting address it for you or just print the address.

It should also be brief. Show that you respect the employers time by being polite and direct at the same time. You can write everything you need to say in three or two paragraphs which are quick to read. When writing the job acceptance letter be professional and straightforward. Let the employer know that you are looking forward to being a part of the team at your new organization. Also, let them know that you will do your best and you appreciate the opportunity. Let the hiring manager know that you are aware of any special requirements of the job offer, and will adhere to them. That will prevent any misunderstandings later on.

Other things It Should Contain

Also make sure that the job acceptance letter says that you understand the date when you supposed to start your employment with this new company, and assure the employer that you will be there on the specified date, and time, ready to begin work. Hand deliver it to the hiring manager’s secretary. In this manner you will portray yourself as a true professional, and someone they will want to work with.

How to Write a Job Acceptance Letter

Here is how you write a sample job acceptance letter:

Name of Hiring Manager

Dear Hiring Managers name,

It is with great enthusiasm that I accept your offer for employment with Abc Company. I look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship, and will do my best to live up to the faith that you have shown in me through your decision to invite me to become a part of the team here at Abc.

I’m excited about the prospect of contributing to the great success the company has had and look forward to this opportunity. You will recall that my experience includes sales, marketing and business management. I’m sure my skills will translate well to the excellent environment at Abc.

Again, I thank you for your time, for the confidence you’ve placed in me, and for this wonderful opportunity to join the team.


John De

The Sample Letter Explanation

Guess you have noticed that this sample letter is on point and short. It thanks the hiring manager without being sloppy overly sentimental or sloppy. Also, it congratulates the employer on choosing the right person and making a wise decision, but in a way that does not look like bragging and is just a matter of fact.

It is always a good idea to keep your acceptance letter short, based on factual,  a bit formal and precise. You are in the early stages of the work relationship you are creating at this new organization, and want to apply yourself. This letter will help you do that. You’ll probably be nervous and excited at the same time after being accepted for the new position, and coming up with a sample letter before you are employed will enable you to do your writing with a clear mind, and not worry about what you will wear that day, or any other thing that came up in the conversation.

Using a letter like this is an example of being a smart job seeker and doing your homework. In fact, you should also keep a sample follow up letter, sample thank you letter and a sample cover letter, so you can customize them when the need arises.

Job seekers who are smart work hard so they present themselves in the best possible light. That extra effort is what makes the difference between getting hired or not.

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