Entrepreneurialism The Job Description

Entrepreneurialism The Job Description

 The Job Description Entrepreneurialism

The person should be willing to take a simple idea and use it to come up with a viable business for both long-term fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

Qualified candidate must be capable of catching a vision and running with it without the oversight of a supervisor or an advisory board.

Specific training in this idea may be required, but it is not mandatory. However, this same candidate must be willing to adapt to a rugged on-the-job training program (manual not provided) and be flexible.

Extremely long hours are required in this job and a huge learning curve. Candidate should expect both late and early hours along with extended times when they must simply think through problem solving skills.

Initially this position does not require candidate to report to a division manager or CEO nor would the candidate fill a supervisory role.

Successful applicant should able to make decisions as needed without undo indecisiveness and be able to withstand a certain amount of solitude. Not being able to do so could prove detrimental to the future of this new company.

This position should be filled by a person willing to ride a bicycle blindfolded. While this is not an actual job requirement it is a necessary visual for the applicant to understand working conditions from time to time.

Other Requirements

Currently our business plan is insufficient to explain how candidate can successfully move from dream conception to business opening. But candidate will, nonetheless, be needed to move the business forward.

In this position benefits are not applicable in the traditional sense. Any benefits acquired from taking this job will be the sole responsibility of the successful applicant.

The job applicant is also responsible for start up capital. In fact all risk will be the sole responsibility of the candidate selected for this job.

If you feel you are the right candidate for this job please respond at your earliest convenience. Please send your CV to the Entrepreneurial Initiative.


Does this sound like the type of job you would apply for willingly? I guess not. Especially when the idea for job creation is someone else’s. We would not take a risk for another person’s business. Plus we would not put forth the effort needed for a business start up from the start onward without some personally vested interest in the outcome.

This description is, however, very close to what every entrepreneur faces when they have an idea that just wont leave them alone. An incredible amount of time is put into developing the idea. Every spare dollar is used in making the dream come true without guarantee or promise.

Why will we do for ourselves what we would never do for another? The reason might be because this is the heart and soul of entrepreneurialism. We may make fun of the classified ad above. However, this is exactly what is required of each entrepreneur on the way to dream fulfillment.

I hear there is an opening. Maybe YOU have the right stuff maybe you should apply for the job.

Face the Fear of Losing Your Job

Face the Fear of Losing Your Job

Almost everybody in today’s world worries about what will happen to their job in the future. The possibility of being downsized these days is quite high, and not knowing if it will happen to you can be very stressful. We have a list below of suggestions and techniques on how to manage the fear of losing your job.

Always update your skills

You should get into the habit of always updating your skills especially if you are in a technical job or any other industry that’s always changing.  Read relevant publications, attend conferences, classes and boot camps, also get certifications related to the field you are in. Continuous education in your field of work will definitely help you. Having the proper skills will reduce the fear of losing your job if it ever gets to that point. You can easily find another job if you have the right qualifications,experience as well as skills. Starting your own business can be easier as well if you have skills that are updated.

In your current job try to stay active

Stay active in your present job. Communication with your coworkers and employer is very vital. If you communicate with your coworkers and boss, you can have a general idea on how safe your job is. You can easily predict whether your job is safe or not if you know where you stand in your organization. Always keep the lines of communication open in your work environment.

Stay positive and do not focus on the negative

When we start to worry sometimes we tend to exaggerate. Try to focus on the facts of a certain situation, instead of worrying about what can happen. Do not focus on your negative thoughts and don’t assume anything. Try also to read books, articles and watch videos that are uplifting, doing that will definitely make you feel better.

Do not worry about what might happen next month or next year. Take it day by day. it is quite impossible to predict what might or may not happen, things change all the time. Hope for the best and do what you can.

Talking to a counselor can be of help, if you have trouble managing your anxiety of being out of employment. Remember that people around the world are able to find other jobs all the time after losing their jobs. Never let your worries and fears get the better of you.

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Study tips for distance Learning

Study tips for distance Learning

To get an advanced education these days distance learning is an amazing new way to do it.  It enables you to set your own pace for learning and it also enables you to work from home on your own schedule  . But bear in mind, you still have to do all of the work. It’s just like the adage, easy does it; but do it!!

You will need good study habits, improve your sense and source of personal motivation in order to be successful in acquiring your distance learning goals.  The common thing among  successful students is that they always have good study habits, so your success in you distance learning program is also tied to good study habits. Here are a few study tips for distance Learning to help you get started.

Come up with a study schedule in your distance learning program

Come up with a study schedule and follow it. If you want to do say two hours of study then schedule a fixed time when you will do your studying. Chose a time when you are not likely to be interrupted, it can be late in the evening when everyone has gone to bed, or it can be early in the day when your family members have either gone to work or school.

Never select the time just before dinner when everyone is unwinding, catching up on their day or watching  their favorite, movie. In order to concentrate you need the peace and quiet. Some people study in the garage and some even in the basement. The place doesn’t matter as long as it is quiet, convenient and conducive to your studies.

Your study time should be at a time when everybody is busy with their own activities. For example when the children have gone to school  or when your spouse has gone shopping.

It might be Sunday morning while your spouse and kids have gone to church. It helps when other people are busy since they won’t be able to disturb your studying.

Other Study tips

Another study tip for your distance learning program is creating space for yourself within your home where you really enjoy spending time. Most people love to study in front of a cozy fire on colder nights or on the back porch on nice days. As long as you are comfortable it is the best place to study.

During your study time try and protect that space. You can do this  by telling members of your family that the area is off limits . Come up with a small sign that says “Quiet, Please” or “Student at Work” . You may have to remind them a few times,. Especially your children, but eventually they will get the message and respect your need for this space and study time.

Follow these study tips for distance learning and you shall surely be successful in obtaining that education.

How to Choose the Right Career Path

How to Choose the Right Career Path

How to choose the right career path for yourself? Going for a career that is your calling  is very important. There are many  options you can choose from. You can make a career in Information Technology,Agriculture, Law, Accounts, Architecture, Journalism, Engineering and a number of other fields. During the course of your life your career will determine what you do during part of your day/night. Because of this, it is necessary to choose a career that suits you and meets your expectations.

Choose a career path that suits You

The adage ‘choose a job that you love and you will never have to work’ still holds true to this day. You can choose a career that suits your qualifications, personality type and skill sets. If computers and smartphones have inspired you since long, a career in Information Technology will suit you just fine. Become a pilot and give wings to your dream. If you are an outspoken person and can stand up against the wrong, then a degree in law is the right one for you. For the lovers of good food there are careers in hospitality. A number of people have different factors that motivate them. Some people want to be artists and be famous. While others just want a career that gives them  creative satisfaction. Then there are those that want to work for noble causes and serve humanity. Think about what motivates you in life and then chose a career accordingly.

Career options out there

There are a number of creative career options that one can choose from. Example arts, films, theater and music. However any career you chose you should be prepared to work hard. All these career paths might look very glamorous, but the sad reality is that a lot of perseverance and hard work is required. Do a reality check if you choose a career in acting. Do not chose this career path just because you harbor dreams of fame and instant success, since all this will take time. The going will get very tough during the time success does not court you. Those actors that are passionate in these situations work in the evening to make ends meet and they go for auditions in during the day.

While choosing a career path it is critical not to get hindered by peer or parental pressure. There are also certain times when something takes the economy by sway. In such moments it is important not to get carried away and just hold ground. Never choose a career path on the based on such factors. All these factors may result in you getting a career that might not be very motivating or your calling.

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