Different Types of Skills for Job Interviews

Different Types of Skills for Job Interviews

They are different types of skills to emphasize on job interviews, we can now look at those. It is very important during interviews to emphasize your skills to show the employer what makes you unique from other candidates. The world is now very competitive, organizations search for the best qualified candidates by evaluating their skills and ascertaining how they would benefit the organization.

A number of the top organizations look for employers who stand out as a result of their ability to give new developments, pleasing personalities and their expertise that would enhance the company.

Their three kinds of skills and they are grouped into – knowledge-based, transferable, and personal traits.

1) Knowledge-based skills

These are learnt from one’s experiences. These may include additional training, educational attainment, seminars attended, and other practices that you have learnt to improve your expertise.

Knowledge-based skills consist of marketing communication and computer skills, product development, or managerial knowledge and many more. Depending on the field of industry of each job candidate these skills vary.

2) Portable or Transferable skills

These are the skills you bring to a specific job. Because of this skills interviewers ask such questions as, “What could you offer the company?” Portable skills are very critical because organizations want to look for quality job candidates that would better the development of the staff.

Transferable skills consist of team leader potential,problem solving, communication skills and writing , time and project management,customer service oriented, and good with budget and numbers. Depending on the versatility of every job candidate and experience, this kind of skills vary.

3) Personal traits

What determines who you are are personal traits. During job interviews, one of the most common questions an employer asks is “Tell me something about yourself.” Your reply to this question is very important as it sets the tone for the rest of the interview.

Personal traits consists of being well organized, good judgment, flexible, analytical, creative, goal orientated and many more. Aim to sell yourself within a limited time and be as modest as possible .

* Self-assessment

For each past job experience make a list of all the skills you acquired and used. Also examine your resume this is in order to provide an impressive presentation. Come up with a comprehensive list of your strengths and skills including transferable skills personal traits and knowledge-based. Your personal commercial will be based on this.

* Once you done with your script, you are now ready for the interview. Employers are interested in your accomplishments always remember that. Use words that are clear,direct and concise.

Although a number of organizations require a set of skills that are unique, in the interview you should go on and highlight your technical skills. Top companies usually seek these skills,  which consists of communication leadership, energy confidence, problem solving and flexibility.

Your chances of landing that desired job would increase if you emphasized all of your strengths and different types of skills on job interviews.

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