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•    Ensure the CLIENT’S project construction activities comply with the provisions of regulations, rules and all other applicable laws and standards.
•    Permitting Lead works closer with the project teams to advise on the local and compliance requirements.
•    Coordinate with regulatory authorities in adhering with the regulatory requirements, permits and approvals to fast-track project works and prevent procedural delays.
•    Permit Lead will ensure proper permitting procedures are followed towards obtention of the permits and approvals from relevant institutions.
•    Reaching out authorities and institutions for the pipeline crossings in all the areas where the pipeline will be crossing to the existing infrastructures and other sensitive area such as roads, railways, rivers, water supply pipelines, high tension lines, optic fibers and water bodies.
•    Organizing the regulatory procedures and technical requirements to be submitted in future operation licence application.
•    Coordinate project relation with external entities by supporting Compliance team.
•    Bridging the contractor with engaged authorities though the focal points in making sure required permits under the contractors’ responsibility are obtained upon the requirement.
•    Assisting the contractors in obtention and ensure availability of all necessary permits required for the project as per the contractor scope of work.
•    Organize and track all project permits and ensure compliance with project permit conditions.
•    Guide the contractors with paperwork record keeping of the permits obtained.
•    Use borealis as compliance assurance tool to capture permits obligations and manage expirations and renewals and coordinate with the contractors as soon as applicable.
•    Coordinate with CLIENT’S managers the administrative tasks with their Contractors.
•    Ensure that all the project regulatory requirements to be fulfilled before starting the construction are resolved before initiating any construction activities.
•    The implementation of all necessary actions to ensure the achievement of the objectives of an effective project Procedures in the organization.
•    To support all regulatory, statutory, and permitting activities in relation to construction matters.
•     To support the permitting, approvals and land acquisition process with contractors
•    Support the drafting communications and correspondences to external agencies.
•    Support RC system implementation with focus on pipeline construction
•    To adopt and demonstrate exemplary behavior with regard to ethics and project “code of conduct” policy
•     To participate to meetings with partners, authorities and other stakeholders as required.


•    The CLIENT’S project includes a 1445km 24 in oil export pipeline, 8 above ground facilities, a green field marine terminal with an export jetty and a series of main line block valves and trace heating stations. The Pipeline project will be the largest privately led with Government participation transnational infrastructure project ever undertaken in East African region.
•    The approvals, licenses, authorizations, and permits will be needed on time, and it is critical for the CLIENT’S project to understand the procedures and processes for application, follow-up, and timelines for granting various permits and licenses.
•    Permits are needed on time avoid project delays, adhere to the project’s planned schedule, and ensure compliance with Tanzanian rules, regulations, shareholder and governmental agreements, and standards relevant to project activities.
•    The consequences of noncompliance with permit requirements can be extremely costly and destructive to our organization. As a result, we must ensure that there are no limiting factors in the permitting process.
•    Determine the permits and licenses that will be required for project activities.
•    To comply with permitting requirements, we need to prepare permit dossiers, as well as to follow up on and assist contractors in obtaining permits within their jurisdiction.
•    The permits availability may delay if: permitting regulatory requirements were not clearly defined, Inadequate permitting planning and risk identification and Authorities/Agencies not involved in advance.
•    Ensures that a project is compliant with all applicable laws, standards and regulations relevant to construction projects, pipelines for crude oil and gas and related sectors.
•    Describe the procedures for identification, assessment, and compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements for the project’s activity area (local, regional, national, or even international levels).
•    Describe the compliance monitoring management system, including the steps taken to determine who is responsible, how compliance actions are developed, how compliance tracking tools are used, and reporting.
•    Address and remove opportunities for non-compliances and create deterrence.
•    Reverse non compliances and put in place mitigation measures to avoid reoccurrences.
•    Ensure implementation and/or adjust mitigation measures where needed.


•    Ensure project construction approvals and permits are available on time to avoid project delays, adhere to the project’s planned schedule, and ensure compliance with Tanzanian rules, regulations, shareholder and governmental agreements, and standards relevant to project activities project implementation in compliance with requirements in construction deliverables and site activities.
•    To ensure compliance with requirements and regulatory frame in pipeline construction related activities.
•     To ensure local authorities’ involvement in compliance with requirements,
•    Supporting and coordination CLIENT’S project teams.
•    Assist project contractors with permitting and regulatory requirements.


•    Degree: BSc in Environmental Science, Engineering, Management, Law and Compliance and or any relevant qualification.
•    Eight to Ten years working experience in roads construction, hydropower and oil major and minor projects.
•    Experience working with and managing Chinese Contractors will be an added advantage.
•    Ability to work in a multi-cultural business environment.
•    Good interpersonal and communication skills.
•    Fluent in English and Swahili (speaking and writing).
•    Ability to analyse and interpret information related to the scope of work in an expedited way.
•    Good knowledge of Project management and Compliance Assurance systems such as Aconex, Power BI, Project Site, Omie, Borealis, and other management systems

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