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SOS Children's Villages International


Position title: National Director

Working location: Dar es Salaam

Supervisor: Chairman of National Board of Governors

Region: East and Southern Africa (ESAF)

Contract Period 3 years with possible extension

Context of the Organization

SOS Children’s Villages International (SOS CVI) is non-governmental and non-denominational organization working with communities, partners and states to ensure that the rights of all children are fulfilled in every society. SOS CVI is a global federation working to protect and care for children who have lost parental care, or who stand at risk of losing the care. We respect all religions and cultures and work with trusted partners in places where we can contribute to social development. Everything we do is made possible through the generous support of sponsors and donors, institutional and corporate partners, and loyal friends worldwide.

Envisioning that every child belongs to a family and grows up with love, respect and security, we exist to build families for children in need, we help them shape their own futures, and we share in the development of their communities. Everything we do is guided by the firm belief that no child should grow up alone and that we need to improve care for children who are at risk, enabling them to overcome precarious conditions and to succeed in life. To achieve our mission, our strategy for the upcoming decade focuses on ensuring the best care of children, innovation, and effective collaboration with more partners. Our core values guiding who we are and what we do include courage to take action, commitment to keep our promises, trust to believe in each other, and accountability to be reliable Partners.

Job Summary

The National Director (ND) ensures the effective overall direction, operations and performance of the Member Association (MA), by developing and executing core programme and financial strategies that lead to the sustainability of the organization. The ND leads and develops the MA with the support from leadership (Board and Management), to ensure effective delivery of programmes and services to children, families and communities within the frame of the MA’s vision, mission and values.

Main Clients

  • Board of Directors
  • National Management Team
  • International Director Region
  • CVI Representative
  • Regional Office Function Directors & Advisors

Key performance areas and main responsibilities:

Strategic Direction and Governance

  • Establish, guide, direct and oversee the strategic plans, under direction of the Board, to advance the mission and objectives and promote sustainability and growth of the MA, in line with global strategic plans
  • Communicate SOS-KDI policy across SOS Children’s Villages in Tanzania and Zanzibar.
  • Drive operational excellence by ensuring appropriate best practices, processes and technologies are in place.
  • Drive adherence to corporate governance principles and statutes to ensure compliance at all times and ensure remedial action is taken where necessary.
  • Ensure implementation of strategies and formulation of policies by delegating appropriate authority levels to key managers, and ensure effective monitoring and reporting of progress, aligned to strategic plans.
  • Advise and support the establishment of effective national management systems and structures, governance systems and statutory requirements.
  • Review strategy regularly, proactively assess future needs and perform sustainability forecasts to ensure relevance and appropriateness of the MA.
  • Identify and address problems and opportunities central to business success timeously, and solve critical issues at highest levels.
  • Oversee the implementation of effective monitoring and auditing systems aligned to agreed standards.
  • Follow up on reports relating to the development and/or deviation from the expected route by any programme / project within the MA.
  • Oversee the establishment of corrective measures / improvement plans where standards are not met.
  • Lead by example in organizational ethics and morals, and take strong action against non-adherence to values, ethics and codes.
  • Present plans, reports and proposals at Board meetings and/or Board sub-committees, and ensure that Board decisions/resolutions are translated into clear actions.
  • Support the development of the Board and members through initiating orientation and other activities as directed by the Chairperson.

Sustainability and Fund Development

  • Oversee the development and implementation of realistic and effective fund development plans and strategies.
  • Develop contingency plans in conjunction with key managers to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Drive the creation of sustainable wealth to ensure achievement of strategic targets.
  • Ensure long-term financial viability by continuously evaluating social, internal and external factors.
  • Oversee the MA planning and budgeting processes.
  • Evaluate financial trends and ratios and manage the MA’s expenditure within the approved budget to ensure effective cost control and savings under the direction of the Board.
  • Review management and financial reporting and statements to determine progress and status in attaining objectives under the direction of the Board and assist to revise objectives and plans in accordance with current conditions when necessary.

Marketing and Brand Awareness

  • Provide strategic and tactical guidance to the MA marketing, branding- and communication strategies and initiatives, together with the Fund Development and Communications department.
  • Maintain close contact with internal and external marketing and related stakeholders to build strategic relationships, solicit continual feedback on current initiatives, and understand market needs and perceptions.
  • Drive proactive and continuous communication amongst all stakeholders and partners to ensure active and informed involvement on organisation-wide marketing and branding initiatives.

Innovation, Transformation and Process Optimisation

  • Evaluate the need for change and transformation initiatives in anticipation of the sector, National and International priorities.
  • Initiate, lead, authorise and drive initiatives aimed at optimising programmes and operations, improving service delivery and reducing costs within the MA.
  • Propose and present new innovative ideas to the Board and identify opportunities to leverage from partners and other networks.

Strategic Relationship Management

  • Establish and manage relevant strategic partnerships and relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, focused on the rights of children without parental care or at risk of losing their parental care, to ensure enduring business associations to assist in achieving strategic objectives.
  • Develop and maintain a positive corporate image with both internal and external stakeholders (including media) to ensure positive response to, perception and trust of the MA.
  • Drive and guide the pursuit of advocacy objectives with NGO Child rights forums and in partnership with other NGOs in conjunction with the Children’s Rights and Advocacy Officer.
  • Establish sound relationships with relevant government authorities and seek government recognition and support for SOS programmes.
  • Oversee cross-national advocacy efforts on children’s issues of National relevance.
  • Represent the MA towards provincial and national governments, forums, as well as other key partners / stakeholders in the child-care field together with Programme Directors and the Children’s Rights and Advocacy Officer.
  • Support and act as the MA’s representative at affiliations, functions, events etc.

People Management and Development

    • Set medium to long term goals and objectives for subordinates and actively monitor progress of the achievement of objectives. – Ensure the professional recruitment, orientation, performance management and on-going development of national office management staff. – Develop and maintain a high performance team, and regularly evaluate performance of subordinates to ensure functional objectives are met or exceeded according to established policies and objectives. – Assure stable employee relations by managing conflict and creating a positive working environment. – Oversee workforce planning to ensure team is suitably staffed to meet objectives taking into account various internal and external factors. – Ensure work ethics is of such a nature that employees continuously strive towards improving their own performance. – Provides technical assistance as and when needed, with the support of the National Management Staff in liaison with Regional Office (RO) (advisory/coordination) staff, and offer special support in times of crisis to all the programmes. – Ensure that the organizational culture is maintained and that employees live the values of the MA. – Oversee the sound management of all resources, and full compliance with international reporting and auditing requirements.

International Federation – GSC coordination

  • Ensure a smooth flow of communication between MA and the RO, including adherence to reporting requirements and maintain effective communication structures and channels.
  • Ensure MA’s compliance with
    • reporting on developments as per the MA’s Strategic and Annual Plans;
    • reporting on programmes development;
    • Financial reporting, budgeting and accounting requirements.
  • Oversee an efficient flow of funds to the programmes and projects.
  • Coordinate feedback as and when required from relevant co-workers within the MA during international policy and guidelines development.
  • Accommodate research programmes on common and/or crucial topics, as well as piloting some programmes/projects of importance to the international organisation.
  • Participate in Regional Meetings and other Forums as determined by the RO.
  • Support regional / international initiatives to promote exchange and sharing of experiences, information, and resources where necessary.

Child Safeguarding (CS)

  • Responsible for implementation and management of SOS Child Protection Policy in MA and for reporting to the national Board
  • Ensures that co-workers and programmes do no cause harm to children and young people and that they are not exposed to the risk of harm and abuse
  • Responsible to report any concerns the organization has about children’s safety in its programmes and within the communities to the appropriate authorities
  • Ensures that co-workers act within national law, Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct and other child safeguarding requirements.

Knowledge, skills, qualifications, abilities and behavioral competences:

  • Degree in Social Sciences or a Business related field such as marketing, accounting or management finance.
  • Preferably a Master’s degree in Business Administration and/or Education and/or Social Sciences
  • At least 10 years’ experience in developmental work at senior management and leadership positions
  • Good understanding of policies and strategies relating to child development, programmes, education and advocacy
  • Understanding of child rights, child development, family and community development, advocacy, rights-based programming.
  • Solid understanding and knowledge of childcare legislation and policies
  • Intercultural, gender and diversity sensitivity: able to bridge different national or organizational cultures and to work effectively in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment respecting diversity
  • Experience in developing, nurturing and implementing social development programmes and fund raising through establishment of long-term partnerships with stakeholders.
  • Strong influential and executive leadership style, be an articulate and confident manager able to spur confidence in the organization, working closely with the Board of directors.
  • Notable success working with and building high performance and successful teams in a multi-cultural setting.
  • Excellent networking ability, persuasive communication, marketing and fundraising skills.
  • A successful record of accomplishment working with and building high-performance teams in a multi-cultural setting.
  • Strong managerial and implementation skills.
  • Strong strategic awareness, integrating environmental developments, future orientation and a pragmatic view into operational planning and day-to-day work.
  • Proactive decision-making based on sound analysis and excellent communication skills.
  • Fluency in English is required (Fluency in one or more local languages is preferred).
  • Valid driver’s license

“SOS Children´s Villages has zero-tolerance neither on sexual exploitation, harassment and abuse nor fraud and corruption, amongst other safeguarding aspects. We also provide equal employment opportunities to all employees & qualified applicants without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or class. SOS Children´s Villages complies with all applicable laws governing non-discrimination in employment.”

This position involves working with an INGO committed to children and human rights and is subject to strict safer recruitment checks. The successful candidate will be required to complete safer recruitment checks including police and reference checks to help verify their suitability to work for SOS CV. In addition to candidates’ ability to perform the duties of the post, in the selection process will be also explored the motivation and approach of the candidate to safeguarding.

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

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