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Reco Engineering Company Ltd

This position will manage and lead a team of people in allocating workload and managing the day-to-day operations in the workshops (Automobile, Fabrication Machine shop Foundry, and Chroming). It requires the job holder to coordinate resources and liaise with internal and external key contacts to ensure work is delivered on time and to a quality standard.

Along with officers as listed above, supervisors are posted in different grades. Each workshop is subdivided into ‘Shops’ and sub-divisions and is supervised by Senior Section Engineers (SSEs) and Junior Engineers (JEs). Supervisors are technically qualified “Shop Floor Managers” acting as an interface between management and the workmen. Assisted by the other supervisors and clerks, the senior supervisor of a shop (generally an SSE) exercises overall command of the affairs of the shop. He ensures that his shop remains current in paperwork and achieves the desired outturn and quality. SSEs have a special responsibility to instill discipline and resolve conflicts, and hence they have to remain neutral unbiased, and equidistant from the staff unions/Associations.


The shop Supervisors have a definite function in enforcing/overseeing the under-mentioned aspects:

a. Allocation of work and deployment of Staff

b. Verification of timely and proper opening and closing of job cards

c. Enforcing quality through Supervision of work and stage inspections

d. Ensuring availability of tools and materials

e. Ensure economy in the use of raw materials.

f. Ensure punctuality in attendance, discipline, and presence of workers at the work spot during duty


g. Ensure supply of safety kits to workers and ensure adherence to safety regulations and safe work


h. Ensure timely completion of work as per the target set by the management.

i. Ensure proper upkeep and safety of – both immovable and movable.

j. Ensure cleanliness of work premises and ensure good housekeeping by eliminating trash, filth, and

foreign matters creating a cleaner workplace. Inculcate cleaning as a form of inspection and establish

a clean-up time every day.

k. Ensure correct handling of material so that damage does not occur due to mishandling.

l. Inculcate and maintain proper work culture amongst staff.

m. Design and establish an efficient and neat layout so that one can always get just as much of what is

needed and whenever needed.

n. Design of workstations: Design an efficient layout and ensure proper storage of tools, jigs and fixtures,

raw materials, spare parts, and semi-finished and finished work; and put things in order (or organize

them) according to a specific rule or principle.

o. Ergonomics: To optimize tasks and workstations from the point of view of commonplace postures and

movements such as sitting, standing, lifting, pulling, and pushing with the least stress on ligaments,

joints, and muscles of the workmen; and modify them as needed with change of activity or workmen

with different anthropometric background.

p. Environment: To create a conducive work environment free from avoidable heat, noise, pollution,

vibrations, and lack of illumination.

q. Any other duty assigned by the management


• Diploma or equivalent in Mechanical / Automotive or related field.

• 10 years of experience managing an automotive workshop, fabrication, and foundry particularly

attached to a dealership

• Extensive Knowledge of mechanical issues, warranties, service, and general repairs

• Strong analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills with administrative competence vital for this


• Computer literate with a solid understanding of Microsoft applications

• Ability to advise customers on the required jobs in a timely, professional manner

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