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Company Description

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Role Description

This is a full-time on-site role for a Lifting Supervisor. The Lifting Supervisor will be responsible for overseeing and managing lifting operations at the worksite in Northern part of Tanzania. They will ensure that all lifting operations are conducted safely, efficiently, and in compliance with company policies and regulations.


· Ensure that all GAT lifting operations are planned by competent personnel, appropriately supervised and executed safely.

· Manages the risks associated with lifting operations.


· Observes all lifting operations to ensure that all relevant safety equipment is used, and that all lifting gear and appliances are compliant to standards and procedures, including ensuring that they have valid third-party certification and are color coded.

· Maintains GAT’s Lifting Register and carries out weekly Rigging Loft inspections at all sites and reports accordingly.

· Monitors and mentors crew involved in all lifting operations and advises where necessary.

· Prepares Lifting Plans for all lifting operations and obtains approval from the Operations Manager /clients CPLO prior to any lifting operation taking place.

· Prepares all risk assessments, lift categorisation and method statements related to all lifting operations.

· Carries out periodic training sessions with lifting personnel during quiet periods of lifting activities.

· Consults with GAT’s HR department to ensure that only competent personnel are allocated to and lifting operation. Must continually measure lifting crew members’ competencies and must guarantee that only registered crane operators, appointed banksman and appointed riggers participate in any lifting operation.

· Ensures that GAT’s quarantine area is utilised correctly and that any quarantined items are either destroyed or submitted for re-inspection by a client recognised third party inspection company.

· Supervises lifting operations and ensures that all equipment is pre-inspected and that those inspections are documented that the lifts are all conducted in accordance with the Lifting Plan and that the control and positioning of all personnel during the lifts is appropriate and safe. If the Lifting Plan requires amendments either before or during a lifting operation, the Lifting Supervisor shall amend the Lifting Plan as required prior to the work continuing.

· Leads the pre-start Toolbox Talk, explaining the roles and responsibilities of all personnel involved with the lifting, ensuring that all personnel fully understand by actively involving them in the discussion. Both during, but particularly at the end of the briefing, the Lifting Supervisor shall check that each member has understood what is required and provide ample opportunity for each member of the lifting team to ask questions.

· Positively reinforces the fact that all personnel have both the right and the responsibility to STOP THE JOB at any time if they identify an unsafe act or condition.

· Confirms that all lifting teams have a competent person leading the operation and that the competent person briefs all team members on the lifting plan, risk control measures and the safe lifting procedure prior to the commencement of any lifting operation.

· Ensures that the competent person responsible for any lifting operation conducts pre-use inspections before each lifting operation to ensure that the equipment is suitable, safe, and correctly installed for the lifting operation. The pre-use checks must include:

§ visual inspection of the lifting equipment.

§ functional test of the lifting equipment.

§ functional test of the safety system and devices; and

§ functional test of the emergency stop device.

· Ensures that no lifting operations are carried out if any defects are spotted during the pre-use checks by the crane operator or crew until all the faults of the cranes are fully rectified. Similarly, lifting accessories must not be used if defects are spotted and reported by the riggers.

· Verifies that the correct crane/s and lifting accessories are allocated to any lifting operation.

· Gives instructions to other employees on the lifting operation, supervises work and consults with other stakeholders to ensure that work is undertaken as safely as possible.

· If unsafe conditions are reported to him, must take suitable measures to rectify the conditions so that the lifting operation can be conducted safely.

· Ensures that all personnel on site wear the appropriate PPE, with any deficiencies being immediately reported to the Operations Manager.

· Ensures that the lifting area has the necessary traffic controls in place and is cordoned off with physical barriers to prevent personnel not involved in the lifting operations from entering the danger area.

· Checks the area of the lift for adjacent, overhead, or underground hazards.

· Ensures rigging is performed by competent personnel.

· Ensures the load is properly rigged and balanced.

· Checks that the environmental conditions are acceptable in line with the Lifting Plan to proceed with the lift (level ground, wind speed, weather, ground condition and light).

· Ensures the efficiency of lines of communication during liftings operations.

· Ensures that the method of lifting is secure so that it does not hurt someone or damaging the equipment, load, or the environment.

· Provision and submission of all reports associated with lifting operations.

· Actively participates in and contributes to GAT / Clients Safety Observation Card system.

Experience & Qualifications

· Shall have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in an equivalent role, experience in the oil and gas sector would be advantageous.

· Shall be fluent in written and verbal English.

· Shall hold the following valid qualifications provided from a recognised industry body:

§ Appointed Person; and or

§ Lifting Supervisor and

§ Banksman / Slinger

All applications MUST be done through or

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