Associate Public Health Officer

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About the job

Duties and Responsibilities

Programme planning, monitoring and evaluation together with UNHCR partners to effectively address issues of public health importance, based on the principles of public health and Primary Health care in the refugee camps and transit centers as well as in the areas of return for returnees.

•Ensure the public health services provided by partner to refugees and returnees are complying with the required national and international standards. Guide and support partners to use the UNHCR Health Information System and collect UNHCR statistics verifying Core Standards and Indicators; review monthly health data; and compile technical periodic reports as well as the Annual report on the health situation.

•Ensure implementation of appropriate country protocols and guidance and adherence to UNHCR specific guidance for public health programming.

•Support partners in the implementation of the public health programmes, including reproductive health, HIV and mental health.

•Provide guidance and follow up to partners in the implementation of UNHCR action plans including for malaria and HIV/AIDS.

•Provide technical contributions during planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation process in the UNHCR program cycle.

•Ensure timely coordination and implementation of UNHCR led programmes

Coordination of services between UNHCR partners, National and international NGOs, other UN agencies, and Ministry of Health, and other sectors; ensuring early engagement of development agencies as appropriate.

•Capacity building of partners and refugee health officials as appropriate in identified areas of weakness; facilitation of partners’ access to training activities conducted by other agencies, with a particular focus on health information and disease surveillance; malaria management; safe motherhood; integrated management of childhood Illness.

•Participate in advocacy, information sharing and communication on the health situation of populations of concern, within UNHCR and among partners, donors, other agencies, and the Government.

•Acts as focal point for UNHCR for any health and medical matters in relation with the UNHCR strategy.

•Participate actively in appropriate groups on the health, population, HIV/AIDS, and other cross cutting working groups and or forums related to health and medical issues, with the aim to anchor refugees and returnees’ health concerns and needs into the ONE UN health program.

•Coordinate and lead monthly health coordination meetings with implementing partners, in close coordination with the programme section.

•Coordinate the medical referral activities from the camp health facilities to the district and regional referral hospitals and insure adherence to the referral SOP and UNHCR referral guidelines.

•Support the implementation of proper drug management system according to UNHCR guideline and work with the IPs in the preparation and finalizing the essential drug list.

•Update the epidemic contingency plans for the common epidemics in the area and insure availability of supplies stock in the camp.

Actively participate and engage with Community Services unit and NGO implementing partners in organizing and conducting participatory assessments with persons of concern to UNHCR to assist in analyzing the service delivery gaps identified in Health and nutrition and involve refugees by age and gender to brainstorm in finding solution options for the problems.

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