Agronomy Technician Trainee

JTI (Japan Tobacco International)

Title:  Agronomy Technician Trainee

Job ID:  94457
Country:  Tanzania
City:  Dar
Professional area:  Green Leaf Production
Contract type:  Temporary
Professional level:  Graduates

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Please, apply by June 3, 2024
Local  applicants are welcome

Job title: Agronomy Technician Trainee

Department: Agronomy 

Location: Tabora 

Reporting: Area Supervisor 



Agronomy Technician Trainee

What this position is about – Purpose

The purpose of the position is to build relationships and provide extension services to all JTI contracted growers to deliver on the target crop, sustainability and ESG commitments in line with the annual strategic plans. The role will require the incumbent to conduct regular farmer visits and trainings to ensure MAS (Minumum Agricultural Standards) and MFS (Minimum Forestry Standards) implementation, deliver on efficiency improvements and provide accurate volume, crop estimates and quality projections.
What will you do – Responsibilities:

1. Grower contracting:
Establish the required grower base within the allocated growing area to meet JTI contracting volume and quality needs. All contracting should comply with JTI’s minimum agronomic standards with a focus on barn infrastructure, grower woodlots, available space, crop rotations and other critical elements. All contracted growers are to implement and to be monitored on JTI Minimum Agricultural and Forestry Standards (MAS/MFS).


2. Grower visitations:
Visit each contracted grower a minimum of once in each 4 week or crop cycle, whichever is the greater.  The Agronomy Technician will provide extension services that will monitor crop production from contracting through to marketing.  These services will include training, monitoring, progress reporting, geotagging, barn program monitoring, afforestation monitoring, NTRM monitoring and other services as required from time to time.

The aim of the extension service is to drive grower performance improvements in support of JTI’s target crop and ESG sustainability objectives.


3. Sustainability:
Barn program:
– Support and and monitor implementation of the JTI Barn upgrade program.     – Deliver the required barn upgrades for the targeted production area and contracted growers Primary Society (PS), Grower and JTI Woodlots:
– Initiate and monitor PS, Grower and JTI woodlot establishment throughout the lifecycle
– Responsible for grower woodlot establishment, monitoring, reporting and audit
– Support JTI Agroforestry coordinators in monitoring PS and JTILS woodlot establishments.


4. Data Management:
Participate in accurate and timely data collection as required for each crop phase, including forestry and barn programs. Provide accurate volume, bale, stored bales and other manage issuing of grower bale tickets in accordance with verified and quantified grower tobacco bales and actual measured volumes.  Ensure full endo of season bale tag reconciliations of received, issued and returned bale tags.


5. Employee Health and Safety, assets and security:
EHS: Understand the Health and Safety risks and follow all operational controls to prevent incidents, actively participate in health and Safety training programs, understand legal and JTI EHS requirements associated with their work and comply with all rules and demonstrate safe behavior and actively report ideas for improvement and report unsafe conditions.  Company assets and security: Maintain and monitor the Company Allocated assets to manufacturer specification or best practices while ensuring the safe use and overall security of all allocated assets (Motorcycle, safety equipment, mobile phones, GPS units, computers, etc.).


6. Agriculture labor practice:
Monitor and manage ALP observations, reporting and follow-up.  Initiate best practices sharing across your designated grower base to support the:
– Monitoring, reporting and elimination of child labor in the designated growing area – Monitoring, reporting and elimination of non-compliant Agricultural Labor Practices (ALP) – Support ARISE initiatives launched in your designated area.


7. To perform any other tasks or processes required by the incumbents Area Supervisor, Area Manager or Department Lead.



Whom are we looking for – Requirements:

  • University Degree or Advanced diploma in Agriculture or a related field
  • Experience of 1 year or less in a tobocco industry is added advantage
  • Valid driving license (motorcycle)


What are the next steps in the Recruitment process:
Thank you very much for your interest in the role. You are welcome to apply.

28 May 2024

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